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Marina Buis

I  took up painting in 2003 and quickly settled on soft pastels as my preferred medium. The possibilities of pastels continue to fascinate me, particularly the luminosity and richness of colour which can be achieved.  

I work from my own photographs and from those of others. My aim is to achieve as realistic a result as possible, with a simple composition. I find pastels to be an excellent medium with which to create a convincing three-dimensional effect. Although I have so far concentrated mainly on paintings of fruit and vegetables, I intend to broaden my range of subjects.

Technical aspects, such as how to work with the medium, photography, framing and (inevitably these days) the computer, are important. Of course issues such as composition, light and shade and colour choice remain the most important. Careful observation is absolutely essential. Contact with fellow artists is extremely important to me. Exchange of ideas and experiences helps with the development of a personal style.

I always work with archive-quality supports (Wallis, Sennelier La Carte and Art Spectrum Colourfix) and with Sennelier and Rembrandt (Talens) soft pastels.

From the beginning I have had lessons from Rudolf Smeets at the Leidsche Academie, Haagweg 4, Leiden. I have also participated in workshops given by Jackie Simmonds and Dianna Ponting.


Marina Buis
Oegstgeest, The Netherlands

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